Know where the incoming phone calls came from

and which channel is more worthwhile to advertise

Track and associate your  incoming phone calls
with the referring digital advertising channels
AdWords, Facebooks, mailing list or other

  • Use and advertise your own phone number
  • Adding offline phone leads conversion tracking to your online sales and leads tracking, will allow you to accurately measure the profitability of your campaign

How this works:

  • A code is added to your ad landing page url, identifying the campaign phone number e.g.
  • The code is saved to a cookie in the visitors browser.
  • The visitors see the phone number associated with the code, when they make the call, you have a clear indication where they came from, as a specific phone rings.
  • That’s it!
  • Initial setting: the site’s webmaster, updates phone numbers in the plugin admin screen (see screenshots), and displays the number anywhere on the site, using a shortcode.

The new WP PHONE LEADS plugin for WordPress

A Short DEMO:

Dynamic phone is displayed here:

Note the dynamic phone also floats on the bottom right hand side of the screen

In this example we track phone leads for 2 paid traffic sources: Facebook and AdWords

  1. Default number in the example is 1-800-111111, that’s what you see above if you came from non-paid channel, e.g search engines.
  2. Click here to simulate an ad click from Facebook. The displayed number for visitors from Facebook is 305-222-2222 . Note the displayed number changes.
  3. A cookie remembers the phone number for 90 days, so if the visitor comes back to your site, he sees the same phone number he saw when he clicked your ad. When he calls, you still know where he came from.
  4. Click here to simulate an ad click from AdWords. The displayed number for visitors from AdWords is 305-333-3333

Set up WP PHONE LEADS on your website in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Set main phone numbers of the business

Set the default phone number, this number will show on your site unless the visitor came from one of your tracked adverting channels.

Insert your default phone number of your business
add your own phone number

Step 2: Set phone numbers for your tracked advertising channels

Add a phone number for each advertising channel you want to track (e.g. AdWords, Facebook, Mailing list).

Step 3: Create a custom link

This simply means add a parameter with the phone code to your ads URL’s.

Create a specific URL for each phone number
Time to embed the code in your website

Step 4: Implementing

Use the shortcode to display the dynamic phone number anywhere on the site.

* If you need help with some custom implementation, please contact us for a quote.

Questions and Answers / FAQ

Still undecided? Here are some answers to commonly asked questions

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WP Phone leads Plugin - Track Phone Leads/Conversions
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